Friday, July 2, 2010


Oil on 2"profile gallery stretched canvas

My lily of the valley only sends out two stems of blooms each year. You see I tried to kill them off one year to make room for a chair and table set. A place in the shade to cool off during the sunny summer days. These little guys I have discovered are very persistent every year poking up from underneath the chairs, landscaping cloth and gravel as if to bashfully say with bended heads "Hello again, we are still here, we are not going to go anywhere!" I am kind of glad they make their shy appearance every spring they have found a way into my heart again and thus perhaps will find their way into another space in my garden.

Where have I been? June was a very busy month painting a very large canvas for a show I have coming up starting July 27th.

feel free to check out the side of my blog for the show information too. If you are receiving this as one of my subscribers, just click on my blog link below.

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