Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mug and Willow SOLD

16 x20"
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I got into the studio the other day and painted this one. I have a collection of these colored mugs that I love. They are like old friends. So it felt like I was having this conversations with this old friend whom I hadn't seen in a while. Our conversation just picked up were it last left off. You know the type of friend? It filled my soul.

What else has been filling my soul...
This is Corwyn, the little man that has brought so much joy!

Here are the two brothers. These boys are what has been occupying my time lately. They are so much fun! And oh how they love each other!

Hope to be in the studio now a bit more. I will post photos of my new space soon too.

Be well,
till next time...


Sheila said...

What beautiful kids you have!!! The time goes so fast, please enjoy them while you can. You'll have plenty of time to paint gorgeous paintings like "Mug and Willow".

Deltra Powney said...

Hi Sheila,
I am enjoying this time with my kids! And you are right the time goes by fast. So I intend to only post paintings when I get them done when ever that may be.
Thanks for dropping in to say hi!

Sharon said...

Deltra: your painting is beautiful, as are your little boys. Enjoy it while you have it!

Deltra Powney said...

Hello Sharon,
I'm enjoying every minute of it!
Thanks for coming by!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful painting. You make me want to get back into painting myself! Sigh... no time!

Deltra Powney said...

Hi Jeanne,
I know the feeling about having no time. I steal it when I can and sneak away. It is never often enough or for long enough. Thanks for visiting!

Sarah said...

Great pictures of your boys. Corwyn has such beautiful eyes! - Sarah :) Best of luck painting when you can. I know I feel so much better when I manage to eke out that studio time.

Deltra Powney said...

Thanks Sarah,
Yes I do feel better when I have that brush in hand even if for a short time.

Melissa Mead said...

Hi Deltra! Corwyn is SO gorgeous! I love the unabashed adoration children lavish upon each other. Enjoy the coming spring and increased painting times!

Deltra Powney said...

Hello Melissa
Yes I am getting into my studio a bit more now.
Thanks for stopping by!