Creative Day Art Studio

My time is occupied by my kiddos and painting, painting and painting! 
Contact me if you are interested in art education and to arrange a studio visit to see what is new on the easel!  

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A bit about me and my philosophy...

I am a wife and a mom. I am a professional painter with a graphic design background.I believe in working with young students in a way that sets them up for life long creativity building. By equipping them with visual language, expression of their unique human experiences is achieved.

The curriculum has been created considering the following components:   

Subject: Critical thinking through an examination of the work being considered.

Observation: Considering the meaning of a piece of art, reflection on how it may relate to the viewer, being mindful of connections to the student personally. 

Application: Taking what is learned and applying it to projects.

Place: Understanding the relevance of artwork viewed and created by their own hands within the context of the place in time that we live in.

These components give each student a full art experience which includes art history, creative thinking, beauty, and reason for creating in a hands-on art experience. Learning through a complete creative experience is considered a successful creative day in the studio. A positive environment is my primary focus, encouraging the students to build each other and others up in and outside the studio.

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