Sunday, August 2, 2009


No painting this time around and not to sure how long it will be before I post again.
We had, using the headlines from the news, "hurricane like weather" hit us yesterday, and sitting in the middle of it was my camera that I left outside after photographing my last piece. Yah, really good one Deltra. Oh well the up side is we will most likely upgrade to a digital SLR. This camera that we had was a good little camera though, Sony Cyber Shot 4.1 meaga pixels. It served its purpose. The new one will be nice for when the baby comes though. So till next time, which hopefully won't be to long...

is the minds paint paintbrush.
It can color any situation.

Irene Hortness


Last Cup Of Coffee said...

Be safe!!

Kim Blair said...

I am really sorry to hear about your camera Deltra. But the silver lining in this cloud may be that you get the upgrade to a very special camera sooner than later. Have fun choosing the one you want.

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