Friday, December 12, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been working on this painting a bit more(please excuse the bad photo of it). I had about a half an hour to paint and ended up laying the red on thick! I loved how the strokes were so loose. The next photo will be the complete painting as I hope to finish it up this weekend.

I also have had the recent honor of being tagged. From what I understand how this work is I have to mention my tagger, tell 7 interesting or unusual bits of information about myself, and give mention of 7 other bloggers.

My tagger was Vicki Shuck a fellow painter from Oregon USA. She creates paintings with wonderful painterly strokes, I often visit her blog for inspiration.

7 things about myself off the top of my head...

1. I am a third generation painter. My grandma going before me and my mom recently discovering her talent.

2. I went to school, kindergarden to grade 12 with all the same people, graduating from a class of 31 students.

3. I worked in the advertising industry as a graphic designer for 8 years before moving to painting full time.

4. I only took up oil painting this spring in preparation for a workshop my Carol Marine. Struggling with acrylic for years before that.

5. I love going on road trips just me and my three year old son.

6. Rivers rejuvenate me

7. The meaning of my name is "door, seeker of truth"

Now check out these 7 talents, some I know personally, some only through the world of blogging...
Daphne Congo, my good friend who gently eased me into the world of oil painting.
Kristi Tencarre, a bright shining light in my world who tinkers with words and images!
Marianne Vanderkley, An amazing watercolorist who captures the nature of movement through beautiful textures in her work.
Kim Blair, she has an eye for vibrant color.
Rob Carey An inspiring sketchbook artist who spontaneously captures his everyday with his pen.
Sarah Sedwick who's paintings have a delicate feel with a balance of precise and loose brush stokes. And last but not least
Matt Talbert When he posts, his work is absolutely stunning

1 comment:

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I didn't know you'd studied with her but I saw the 'Carol Marine' in your paintings which are very strong.
I am taking her March workshop in Jacksonville, FL. Very excited, She is amazing.

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