Monday, January 5, 2009

The Good China

Oil on MDF board
$312.00 (framed)
I will send a photo of this piece framed if interested. Email for enquiry.

Happy New Year!!

I actually found time during the holiday season to paint! This is one of the paintings I did.

To tell you the truth this is the second attempt at this one. The first one I just didn't get the handles right so I did some sketches to study the shapes and values, just trying to work it out, here are the sketches. Doing this exercise every once in a while is so valuable to learning how to see.

This new year is shaping up to be a great one. I have been asked to do some teaching which I am so looking forward to. I also am planning to paint and post a little bit more. Most likely going back to three time a week, as well as work on larger pieces. I have already got a good start on all of it.

I hope all of you have started the new year out well. Here's to keeping new resolutions or as I read some where, here's to rebelling against them, what ever works for you!


marybullock2 said...

Love it, but what is mdf board?

The Figurative Realm of Mary Bullock

Deltra Powney said...

MDF stands for medium density fiber board. I like it for a few reasons. Because it is quite a heavy board, my small 6x6"paintings feel like there is more to them. I use 3/4 inch thick board so the paintings can stand on their own with out a frame. It is also a really nice smooth surface to paint on. I need to take measures to make it achievable however because it is full of impurities.

This site explains it more

I know there are online art suppliers who sell the boards already cut with hangers cut into the back. I may be changing to these soon.

Kim Blair said...

Love the way you do shadows with tones of paint. The many shades of white in your tea cups and fabric create such a realistic yet painterly look. Nice work. Keep 'em coming Deltra.

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